Warning Signs that you’re Headed for a Divorce

Nowadays, couples have an easier time splitting up their marriage than in the past.  Divorce is very prevalent amongst unhappy couples and sometimes it may seem like an acceptable option out.  While it is absolutely the answer for some couples, there can be strength in the arguments that create a foundation to stand on to renew the love and passion you once had and brought you two together in the first place.  So what are the common arguments that couples fight about that might be signs that they’re headed for a divorce?

• Money
• Family
• Time

Money – In this economy, money has gotten a lot of people down.  It is the number one thing that splits couples up.  But if you can support each other and you both are very aware of your financial status, know your assets and your liabilities, and make a plan together to get on your feet, money may not be the root of all relationship evil.  If one partner is not aware or involved, the other can get very frustrated.  A good solution would be to communicate with each other the facts.  Talk about your fears and if you can do this, you can come to a resolution and avoid divorce.  This argument is fixable.

Family – Let’s face it…Not everyone is going to get along.  And that is ok.  You can pick your friends, but you can’t choose your in-laws.  Sometimes, family tends to get in the middle of personal relationship issues and turn couples against each other, ultimately damaging the relationship.  It tends to happen when a couple is weak and struggling with their other issues that family can swoop in and force opinions about issues they have not been completely educated on.  This is where the strength of your relationship can prevail or where weakness can rear its ugly head.  Dealing with your family is a fixable challenge; however, communication and tolerance are the keys to success.

Time – You may not realize this, but, when arguing for more attention, more dinners together as a family or coffee together in the morning, you are fighting for time.  You actually want to be together more.  If you can recognize what it is you are fighting for, you might be able to communicate ways to make each other feel needed and wanted.

We want to see marriages work out.  However, we also understand that sometimes there is just no chance of resolution and the only option is divorce.  When that day comes, we can help you.

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