7 Tips to Save on Moving Expenses
To get an idea of the moving costs, it is necessary to estimate what you take with you and how many people are needed for the transfer and possibly packing.
Although many people choose to hire professional movers, many others choose to arrange the transfer of things themselves. For example, by renting a small truck and drumming up a large number of family and friends, you can come a long way. This is, of course, the cheapest option, but if you get older and still get a nice move allowance, it is smarter to hire professional movers when you are moving long distance.
But even if you hire professional movers, there are ways to reduce costs, tax benefits, research and packing small items before the movers arrive.
What is good to know is that most households choose to move in the summer. It is true that about half of households choose to move in the summer months. The reason may be that the children do not have to go to school, so there is enough time to pack everything.

1. Discard what you no longer need:
The weight of the load is a factor that counts when determining the price, especially if you move over long distances. Also, by throwing away a few large items, you can also make the removal work a lot faster. And nowadays, throwing away is a little less difficult because the local thrift store is grateful for it and often comes to pick it up for free.
"Finding things that you can reuse, give away to a friend, or throw away, can reduce the number of items you need to transport by 40 to 50 percent.

2. Determine the correct moving date:
Moving mid-month is cheaper than moving at the beginning or at the end of the month. Most people who are going to move in a rented house are moving around the first of the month. There are many companies on the internet; you can get a guaranteed delivery date by asking quotes for your move.

3. Save on boxes:
You can store boxes of things you have bought or go to the supermarket to ask for boxes. By also putting small items in a box, you can reduce the time that the movers have to spend. You can often also ask boxes to the moving company; often they want to lend them for free when you book the move with them.

4. Think ahead:
Order colored stickers or put clearly on the box where every box should go. That way, no one has to say on the moving van where every box should go or where each device should stand. It is even better if you take pictures of the new house, from every room and stick it on the box or device. This way, the movers know immediately where each box or device should be placed. And that saves on the hours that movers have to make.

5. Pack your things well:
A significant advantage of hiring professional movers is that you can ensure the expensive items you want to move. Insurance costs extra, but you will undoubtedly save money in the long term if, for example, something breaks. However, it is also possible that your items are already covered by another insurance policy, for instance, your liability or home insurance, so check your policy first.

6. Negotiate the removal costs:
It is good to approach at least three moving companies to request a quote. This can quickly be done by filling in online quotation forms by different moving companies; you will then receive few quotes from movers in the neighborhood. You can then ask if the movers come home to give a better estimate of the costs. You can then ask questions such as 'Which items can best pack and in which way?'

7. Investigate the removal company with the lowest removal costs:
Make sure you hire a reliable rental company, they are aware of the ins and outs of the removal area and can give you good advice. Also, check on the internet if there are no dissatisfied customers.

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