Assessing the Pros of free movie screenings

Lucky for me, their first invaluable giveaway crossed my path at just the ideal moment, and I attended the free movie screenings los angeles.
Among the benefits of living in a town of above-average size is we have sufficient theatres and moviegoers to justify sporadic attention from the significant studios, using motion screenings as one of those convenient tools in their advertising toolbox.  Theoretically, the studio associates utilizing a theater to maintain one screening of an upcoming movie to a complete home of the average person before its official launch date.  Said that people appreciated the favor by paying the saved ticket cash on refreshments somewhat; sitting throughout the film, possibly a bit more patiently than usual because it was free; subsequently sharing their love for the movie across their private social-media channels of selection.  You become their little advertising assistant for a day, and your paycheck is a movie of the owners' preference.
My access to these occasions is infrequent and continuously by opportunity.  Occasionally my local comic store receives complimentary passes.  Previously Entertainment Weekly held these soirées for readers in major cities, even though LA qualified as"major" possibly 5 percent of their time.  Local radio stations have their moments, also thought that is just worked for me.  Generally speaking, it is all about opportunity for me.  I don't have any direct connections with business professionals, no new friends working in a theatre, not one relative employed in a marketing capability, and no media credentials.   I don't have the resources or money to scrounge for them all of the time.
Post-viewing focus team!   Sometimes workers with clipboards will strike arbitrary people with queries by the studio.  I have just been caught once, but it was fun to kill a moment of the time together with as pretentious an improv capsule inspection as I could handle in that incorrect moment.
Boasting rights!   In the modern accelerated consumer civilization, particularly for those whose web involvement style is far from passive, whoever sees reads the new things wins. 
Freebies!  Not always contained, but on occasion, the marketing reps bring a few along.  I don't bother with mini-posters, but I still have my vivid t-shirts and other film accessories.
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